Betts Search Group is a client-focused recruitment firm that specializes in “hard to fill” positions in niche manufacturing verticals.  We take pride in partnering with you as you build a great company.  We believe that great people make great companies, and that each great person we find helps your company become more successful.

We are based in Des Moines, IA and perform searches nationally and internationally.


I need to hire an employee. What is your process?
Our first interview starts with you. We will contact you via telephone to discuss your hiring needs and to better understand your company culture.  Next, we will advise you on the best recruiting solutions to meet your needs. Following, we will source, recruit, screen and interview potential candidates.  Finally, we will connect you to the talent that is right for your organization. 
What type of staffing solutions do you offer?
We offer direct hire placement services. 
What will this service cost my business?
Betts Search Group is a contingency recruitment firm.  That means you will pay a predetermined fee upon placement.  The fee depends upon multiple variables, so please contact us for a no obligation quote.
Do you offer a guarantee?
We offer a 30 day replacement.  If the new employee or the employer determine within the first 30 days of employment that they would like to part ways, we will replace the candidate at no additional charge. 

How do we get started?

It’s simple.  E-mail us your contact information and we’ll get in touch with you.